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10 Amazing Science and Technology Facts in 2020

10 Amazing Science and Technology Facts

science and technology facts

Interested to know the Amazing facts related to Science and technology, then read the full article you will many amazing facts that you have never heard and seen in your life.

  • Have you ever heard about how many bones do babies have,
  • What is the height of Eiffel Tower in Summer and winter,
  • How much oxygen is produced by Amazon Rainforestment,
  • Do you know which metals can explode when coming contact in water,
  • Do You Know How much Hawai is moving to Alaska every year,
  • How much time sunlight takes to reach the Earth and many more facts like these are below find out and read these amazing Facts.

Here a list of 10 Amazing Science and Technology Facts

  • Newborn Babies have around 300 bones on birth.
Newborn Babies have around 100 more bones than adults, With the age past 206 bones left in Adults skeleton.

  • The Eiffel Tower can be 15cm Taller During Summer than Winter.
According to Thermal expansion, when a substance is heated then its particles move away from its initial position and the substance expands. So the Eiffel tower can be Expanded 15cm and become taller during summer only.

  • 20% Oxygen on Earth is produced by the Amazon Rainforest.
Our Atmosphere contains 78% Nitrogen and 21% Oxygen and 1% contains other gases in the atmosphere. For the Survival of the Living organism on earth requires Oxygen, So 20% of Oxygen in the atmosphere produced by the Amazon Rainforestment.

  • Some Science Periodic table's Element is highly reactive that they can explode when they come in contact with water.
Some Elements like Sodium, Potassium, Lithium, Rubidium, and Caesium are very highly reactive when they come in contact with water they start reacting and may explode when the amount of metal is more.

  • Hawai is moving 7.5cm towards Alaska every year.
As Hawai sits on the pacific plates, which are drifting north-west towards Alaska. The speed of Drifting of Hawai's Pacific plate is comparable to the growing speed of our Fingernails.

  • The Sunlights takes around 8 Min and 19 Seconds to reach on earth's surface.
The speed of light is 300000 Kilometers per second in space, The distance between Earth and the sun is around 147.5 million Kilometers. So the Sunlight takes about 8Minutes and 19 Seconds to reach on earth's surface.

  • Do you know the Earth is a Giant(Big) Magnet?
There is solid iron inside the earth's core, variation in temperature and density creates a current in this solid iron. Due to the rotation of the earth, a strong magnetic field is generated and earth becomes a giant magnet.

  • Venus is only a single planet in our solar system that spins clockwise.
Except for Venus, all the planet in our solar system spins anti-clockwise but Venus is only the planet which spins clockwise in our solar system.

  • The sun is 300000 times bigger than the earth.
The Sun is around 300000 times larger than the Earth and around 103 times wider than the earth.

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