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Myths and Facts about Corona Virus (COVID-19)

Facts about COVID-19

corona virus facts

COVID-19 is a newly discovered Infectious disease, COVID-19 belongs to the family of Coronavirus. Those people who are infected by this COVID-19 Coronavirus shows and suffer from mild respiratory illness these infected people can be cured easily without any special treatment. The Vaccine of this COVID-19 coronavirus is still not discovered yet. According to WHO, Older people those are lying under any medical problem like Diabetes, Respiratory Problem, or Cancer their chances to become cure is very low, in Some case, they cannot be a cure by treatment and may die.

Some Facts about COVID-19 Coronavirus

Fact 1: Nearly Eight out of ten people getting Mild Symptoms of illness, and most of the people having mild illnesses are getting recovered without any Professional medical care. According to Scientific Modelling, around 1 out of 100 COVID-19 patients will die.

Fact 2:  It is not necessary now that if you get symptoms of COVID-19, in a mild case some people do not get symptoms and become very sick due to COVID-19. In this condition, the chance of patients to get recover is low.

Facts 3: Anyone can get COVID-19, it does not depend on the skin color or something else. Older people or people with some health-related problems such as asthma, Heart disease, diabetes are more at risk of getting a serious illness.

Fact 4: COVID-19 can be dangerous for all people Older as well as Younger people too. If a non-infected people come in contact with COVID-19 Infected people then a non-infected people may get infected by COVID-19.

Fact 5: There is no evidence that Anti-HIV drugs will stop spreading COVID-19. but some ART(Antiretroviral Treatment) drugs are being trailed to treat COVID-19.

Fact 6: Humans can be infected COVID-19 by animal pets like Dog, and Cats. Several times, it is seen that some pets like Dogs and Cats are tested COVID-19 positive they can infect other animals or humans.

Fact 7: COVID-19 Coronavirus can survive up to 72 hours on Plastic and Stainless steel, it can survive less than 4 hours on Copper, and less than 24 hours on cardboard. you can use disinfectant on the surface, it will kill the coronavirus.

Fact 8: Antibiotics do not work to treat COVID-19, antibiotics are used for bacterial infections. As COVID-19 is a virus so antibiotics can not be worked.

Fact 9: The time taken by COVID-19 symptoms to expose is around Five to six days but in some case its range from 1-14 days.

Fact 10: You can become infected if someone sneezes near you who is already infected by COVID19 Coronavirus. COVID-19 coronavirus can range from mild to severe illness.

  • Protect Yourself from COVID-19 Coronavirus, Stay Home stay safe.
  • Keep Social Distance at least 6 feet, Stay away from any people at least 6 Feet.
  • If you get sick then immediately contact the doctor.
  • There is no specific treatment for COVID-19.
  • If you need medical care, call ahead.

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