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Shock your Friends by sending these Stickers on Whatsapp

Latest Amazing Stricker for Whatsapp

whatsapp stickers

There are only limited editions of the sticker in-built in the Google's G-Board keyboard, but there's a way to get the more sticker for the Whatsapp only for any keyboard. we have provided the Application where you can download the latest sticker including Carry Minati's Youtube vs Tiktok Stickers, BB Ki Vines, Politicians, Celebrities, and many more character's stickers available on this application. The most liked feature of this application is that you can create your own Sticker just by 2 simple steps, Upload your image Edit your sticker and save it to your directory. It's done.

To Download this Application Click on the below Playstore Button.
Google Play

We have shown in this post that how to download the Application, the Download link is just above this paragraph. we have also told you how to use this application in your device. This Application is awesome, this will help to add chosen stickers to your Whatsapp keyboard and also allows you to create your own style stickers with your own image and can add different styles of Text Wrap. Use this Application, download the sticker to Whatsapp and shock Your friends with these stickers.

How to Use this Application:

  • Download the App from the Above link via Play Store.
  • Open the application
  • Choose your favorite  Sticker from the list-menu.
  • Click on the Add button to download the stickers.
  • wait a while, then a popup appears notifying to add the sticker to Whatsapp and click on add.
  • That's it all done.

You can download all the sticker as much as you can, these stickers will automatically install in Whatsapp keyboard. These stickers will help you as by sending these stickers instead of writing the text messages, This will save you time.

You can choose your favorite sticker from the application if you are unable to find the stickers. There is a search bar you can search the character you will get the sticker as shown in the picture.

whatsapp sticker

If you want to create your own Sticker, application will help you to create your own stickers and also removes the background image converts to transparent. You can easily share your own stickers to Whatsapp to anyone after creating the sticker you just need to add your stickers to the Whatsapp Keyboard.

Whatsapp stickers

After creating your own sticker you can easily send them to your friends on Whatsapp. Click on text message bar and open the keyboard, now open the emoji section you will find the Stickers section next after the emoji section. You will see all the added sticker here in this section.

whatsapp stickers

I hope Guys you have found all the answers and don't have any other doubts regarding this 

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