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This Youtuber is Happy after TikTok Got Banned in India

Carry Minati is happiest Youtuber after TikTok is Banned in India

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In the Late Night, 59 Chinese Apps got Banned in India including TikTok, Like, and Helo Apps because of the India-Chine Border LAC controversy. Due to this, the Indian Government decided to ban the 59 Chinese apps in India. According to the News Channels, They are giving the name "Digital Strike" on Banning the 59 Chinese apps.

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Carry Minati is Very happiest YouTuber after the TikTok got banned in India. The reason for the happiness of CarryMinati is the Tiktok ban because a so Called Tiktok star Amir Siddiqui talks unknowingly bad to Youtube and his Community. Then CarryMinati breaks his silence on making a video "TikTok vs Youtube: The End" on his youtube channel. But later Youtube Removed his Video from Youtube and carry lost all of his revenue generated by his youtube video, TikTok banned is Revenge for CarryMinati.

Carry Minati's Original Name is Ajey Nagar, he started his youtube career when he was only 10 years old. He started posting videos and started mimicry of Sunny Deol and also like to mimicry of Sinchan, the most famous Cartoon on Hungama. When CarryMinati started his Youtube Career he skipped his class 12 examination because he was not confident about economics exam.

Carry Minati is an Indian Comedian, Gamer, Stream, and rapper. He is the most famous Youtuber in India as well as Outside India, due to his Video "TikTok vs Youtube: The End". Carry Minati has 2 Youtube Channels named "CarryMinati" and "CarryisLive". His Channel CarryMinati has crossed 2 crore subscribers in June 2020, and his other channel "CarryisLive" has crossed 60 Lakhs, Subscribers, in June 2020. 

On his Channel "CaaryMinati" he often used to upload the Roasted videos of TikTok stars or other video sharing platforms videos creator's roasting videos, and on his other channel "CarryisLive" he would like to Stream the Games like Pubg Mobile, Pubg PC, and many Latest Games. 

Description of Channel "CarryMinati" is Below:

I am an Indian comedian, gamer, rapper. 


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