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CarryMinati Youtube Earning, CarryisLive, Carry Roasting and Gameplay

 CarryMinati Playing Games, Roasting to Tiktokers and Youtube earning & Studio Tour

15 Lakhs Studio's owner "CarryMinati" is a Youtuber, Gamer, and Streamer. Carry Minati is a well-known personality on Social media and Youtube, Carry is well known for both of his youtube channels that are "CarryMinati" and "CarryisLive". Carry Minati's Real Name is "Ajey Nagar", he is originally from Faridabad city of India.

Carry Minati's Youtube Channels:

1. CarryMinati

CarryMinati is Ajey Nagar's First-Ever Youtube Channel on Youtube he started, he used to upload and share his videos and roasting videos on this "CarryMinati" Youtube Channel. Below is the Screenshot of  Description of the Youtube Channel of his channel CarryMinati:

2. CarryisLive

CarryisLive is Ajey Nagar's second Youtube Channel on which he used to live stream the games like Pubg Mobile, Pubg PC, Call of Duty, and many more Playstation Games. Below is the screenshot of description of his youtube channel "CarryisLive".

carry minati description

Carry Minati Roasting Videos:

Gaming Video of CarryisLive Youtube Channel:

Carry Minati Youtube Earning is Revealed as Below:

Ajey Nagar at the age of 10 years, He started uploading the video of mimicry of Bollywood actors like sunny Deol, etc. CarryMinati has two Youtube Channel as his main source of earning and had earned a lot of revenue, he has an estimated earning revenue of $3.8 Million and 27 crores in Indian Currency.

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