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Panda: Pubg ID, K/D, Studio Setup, and Youtube Networth

Pubg Player Panda, its K/D Ratio, Studio Tour, and Networth

Panda pubg mobile

Panda is a Pubg Mobile Player, Originally real name is Tobias Nas. He plays Pubg Mobile, Free Fire, and Call of Duty: Mobile, he is a prominent content creator for Pubg Mobile and known by his in-game name called "Panda". He usually streams Pubg mobile on Youtube and Facebook, from Sweden. Tobias Nas runs two Youtube channels and used to stream Pubg Mobile on these Youtube Channels. 

Panda Pubg Gameplay, Player ID, K/D Ratio

Panda Plays Pubg Mobile in Apple iPad, Panda has 6.78 Million Subscribers and 760 Million views in his Youtube Channel "Panda".

Panda's Pubg Mobile In-Game Player Id is 5178659321 and In-Game Name is "Panda".

Panda Generates a revenue of $1.7 Million Dollars from the Ads appear in his video on Youtube and earns a lot of Revenue.

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