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PUBG Mobile Diwali Dhamaka Comeback Confirmed

Guys today i am gonna give you all information about PUBG Mobile comback on Diwali.

Firstly,KRAFTON has announced his Global Collaboration with Microsoft Azure on 6th of November 2020 which is a great news for PUBG Mobile Users.As we all know Microsoft is a huge company and Privacy is the top most priority for PUBG Mobile,thats why KRAFTON taking this decision.

Secondly,PUBG Mobile confirmed his comeback on this Diwali occasion.PUBG Mobile successfully setup their Indian Servers and now they are in testing mode.Testing period is around 12-14 days after that PUBG Mobile will officially make his comeback on Play Store & App Store.

Finally,Now PUBG Mobile will store all Indian Users data in India because PUBG Mobile created their indian Servers and there is no Indian version PUBG Mobile coming because PUBG Mobile did their changes in Global Version.You don't have to create new PUBG Mobile account because PUBG Mobile has taken all of our data from Tencent.All of our game Progress like,RP,UC currency,Clothing etc is same as previous.

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